Chateaux Condominiums
651 Gothic Rd
Mt Crested Butte, CO 81225

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THE CHATEAUX is becoming increasingly environmentally conscious and responsible. We believe it is important to protect our areas' natural resources, reduce waste, and curtail pollution, without compromising services for our guests. Through operational improvements, environmental benefits are realized, often through reduced utilities consumption and best practices. To that end, We've adopted a variety of "green" practices.

  • We encourage our guests and owners to recycle all aluminum cans, glass, and plastics (1-7), as well as paper and cardboard.
  • We promote energy efficiency by putting our common area lights on timers and by regulating the pool deck heating, using only when necessary.
  • We encourage public transportation by having the free Mountain Express Bus cycle through our property frequently during high occupancy months and less frequently during off-seasons.
  • We conserve water through our landscape in the use of a timer and though the efficient drip irrigation system that is specially designed to deliver water directly to the plant's root system and is covered by mulch to help prevent loss to wind and evaporation.
  • We use eco-friendly lighting. At Chateaux we only use LED Christmas lights as well as using compact florescent lights in our out-door lights, and we use Dark Sky approved balcony lights to direct the light downward to help reduce light pollution.
  • We are committed to replacing existing common area appliances with Energy Star Rated appliances.
  • We are committed to converting common area plumbing to low-flow toilets and showerheads.
  • We use eco-friendly soap products in our common areas.
  • We use alternative energy sources in the installation of solar lights over our dumpster.

The Chateaux is committed to minimizing our resort's impact on the planet so that our area of the beautiful Rocky Mountains is preserved for generations to come.